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Luck is the time when preparation and opportunity meet
Roy D. Chapin, Jr.

Equilibrium Ltd. is a consulting company that implements research, data and analysis of various markets throughout the world with regards to the pharmaceutical and medical industry. The goal of our company is to locate new business opportunities for the exportation of pharmaceutical products as well as the development of new collaborations.The dedication, expertise, professionalism and diligence of the founders guarantee a business deal, which will be beneficial for all parties involved, as the signed agreements are durable, therefore providing security and commitment.

Equilibrium seeks new opportunities and explores potential projects and sources carefully, yet selects manufacturers and buyers who are reliable and of equivalent philosophy and manners so that the probability of a deal to be achieved (and retained, as well as prolonged) is of higher percentage. As its name suggests, Equilibrium seeks balance, and balanced interests.

Our main characteristics are flexibility, reliability and simplicity. Equilibrium is ready to meet the demands of our time by exploring opportunities for further investments and developments. We have gained the trust and respect of our collaborators and associates by showing dedication to their specific needs. Until now we have managed to establish deals in Asia, South Africa & Latin America markets. In some markets such as the one in South Africa the percentage of pharmaceutical product imports reach the level of 65%, providing a great business opportunity.

Last but not least, Equilibrium is a mediator in the acquisition process between companies, as it provides consultancy services to companies with interest in: buying other parties, or selling, part or all their shares, to other enterprises.

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Equilibrium signed a 5-year deal between a Greek Manufacturer and a leading Vietnamese pharmaceutical company in September 2014 for a drug which inhibits stomach acid

Equilibrium has brought into agreement 2 Greek Manufacturers and a leading Vietnamese pharmaceutical company for a total of 6 different drugs (5-year deals) in March 2015

Equilibrium has brought together a Greek Manufacturer and a leading Pharmaceutical Company in South Africa for the production of pharmaceutical products

Equilibrium is exploring the possibility of the production of a large quantity of a medicine in Latin America on behalf of a company in the Far East

Equilibrium is in discussions with a leading pharmaceutical importer in South Africa for a matchmaking deal

Equilibrium is in continuous contacts with certain authorities in different markets in order to establish business opportunities


Equilibrium was founded by its 3 equal partners in order to serve the needs of the projects described in the company outlet.
Dimitris Taloumis
Communication Director

 34 in major of Business is the communications director and is responsible to explore, create and establish opportunities on behalf of Equilibrium in the Greek or foreign markets. Dimitris, 34, a father of a young daughter has experience in the tourism field, and the food and beverage industry. He has also experimented with technology, having set up an IOS application that was later sold to another party. Dimitris’s family is also involved in commercial businesses, being the owners of a chain brand in Greece and South Africa.

George Karamalis
Business Development Director

 35, he is a Business Management & Marketing major and is the Business Development Director. George has a long experience in the pharmaceutical industry as he has worked for 11 years in a leading pharmaceutical company going through sales, marketing & medical department. He is responsible for all technical issues as well as to perform the market analysis and provide the specific needs and demands presentations to the suppliers. George’s family owns an advertising company, which specializes in the setup of medical and pharmaceutical congresses. George became a father to a daughter in May.

Leonidas Mangriotis
Sales Director

 45, an economics major, father of two is the sales director. Leonidas has a commercial experience as he owns companies in the medical and dental fields in Greece. He also developed, integrated and sold a company which owned the brand Nespresso in Greece. Leonidas is responsible for sales, as well as creating opportunities for Equilibrium by detecting opportunities.

The team works together in strong and solid basis in order to establish a near-perfect outcome and creates strong bonds with its collaborators. Equilibrium is the balance of all parties; it is a team of 3 and balances 3 parties!


Equilibrium Team

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